Ultimate relaxation - the key to self healing

Ancient Hawaii'an practices to balance the body and mind

Long flowing strokes sending energy waves though the body

Unifying body and mind

About Kahuna Bodywork

A long time ago, before modern medicine, the natural healing practices were used to help and comfort people with various mind and body problems.

Kahuna bodywork is based on a holistic approach developed over many years of common sense, compassion and passing down of knowledge, where the understanding of health problems is not to focus on the specific, but rather on seeing the cause as a result of the unbalances that exists in the body and mind.

It is believed that the natural flow of energy needs to be restored for healing. Symbolically, like the natural ebb and flow of ocean, this is in the form of continuous and unbroken movement of the practitioner.  In practice, long, flowing strokes are used to bring harmony and balance back to the body to return you to a state of relaxation and natural healing. A state where the body can heal itself.

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