My approach is holistic, I not only focus on the areas where you may be feeling pain and discomfort, but I also focus on the intersections of your body's meridians, where energy gets blocked, disrupting the flow of energy that can cause problems all over the body.

I achieve this by working on acupressure points to release energy and free up the flow of energy and so restore your body's natural balance.

Shorter sessions to give instant relief

60 minutes 5000 yen

Standard session to restore the body's natural balance

90 minutes 7200 yen

Complete holistic workshop that gives total revitalization

120 minutes 9500 yen

Foot Reflexology

30 minutes 2500 yen

Foot reflexology is applying pressure to specific reflex zones of the feet that bring positive physical changes to the corresponding parts of the body by stimulating energy and releasing blockages. I use a combination of zone therapy on the feet and special revitalizing techniques to the lower leg that not only activate healing processes throughout your body but also make you feel super refreshed.

This is recommended for people who have poor circulation, swelling (water retention) and other minor ailments throughout the body.