Kahuna Bodywork Romilomi

Feel the comfortableness like drift with the waves.

Give yourself delicious relaxation

Shiatsu Body care

Work with traditional Chinese medicine

Meridian stimulating techniques


Cocoro Body Laboratory


The ultimate body and mind relaxation method : Kahuna Bodywork Romilomi


Traditional Asian wisdom : Shiatsu Body care

There is a private space for your relaxation.


Meaning of this salon's name 'COCORO'

This is an ancient Japanese word that describing

the act of being calm, composed through an cyclic movement of energy.

Circulate and charge your energy with me,

Here is the place to feed your mind and body.

Cocoro Body Laboratory


Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Shogoin Rengezocho26  Heim Syogoin22

The closest station

Keihan Railway: Jingu Marutamachi station - about 10 minutes

Keihan Railway: Sanjo station - about 15 minutes

Subway tozai line: Keihan Sanjo station - about 12 minutes